Your customers are listening
Ambient Music & Digital Audio OOH Advertising
Music for retail & hospitality
We spin the tunes that millions of visitors hear while they visit hospitality, retail, fitness, entertainment & lifestyle locations across North America.
Audio Advertising
Advertisers speak directly to consumers where they shop, stay and eat.

Audio Out of Home Advertising

Founded from decades of digital advertising experience, Citadel FM was created to amplify the retail customer’s experience and to expand the medium of digital out of home advertising into audio.
Citadel FM helps advertisers connect with consumers where they shop, stay, and eat. We are adding hundreds of new locations monthly and are the largest audio-out-of-home (AOOH) network in North America.

We help hotels, C-Stores, restaurants, and retail venues provide an engaging, entertaining, and welcoming environment for their customers. In turn, our advertisers leverage the power of over 1.5 billion impressions and reach more than 130 million consumers monthly.